Real Cherry

It’s kind of amazing that as a collective we have a cherry smell association that has nothing to do with actual cherries! From cherry lip balm as a kid to cherry slushies our association with artificial cherry can not be minimized for its impact on our sense memory! (Shout out to Winona Ryder in the movie Heathers  and her iconic cherry slushie). In the 90s there was a collective obsession with cocktail cherries as a hyper sexualized symbol. Warrant had its cherry pie and coca-cola had its cherry coke. But what of real cherries? Where and how do they fit into this picture? Memories of gorging on perfect late spring cherries from a farm stand on long car rides, the burst of sweet and tart and bright but somehow rich! Like eating a secret! During the pandemic in China the phrase “cherry freedom” came to mean what it is to have the kind of financial freedom to be able to gorge on a bowl of cherries. And that’s how I feel when sitting in front of a bunch of delectable cherries! Like I’m free!! Decadent! Extravagant! Scrumptious! 
I’m learning more each year, working with this fruit! Digging away until I find the aromatic, easier to use in perfume, perfect cherries! I’ve fermented them in every way imaginable and thrown away (or rather repurposed) what didn’t hit the mark. Cherries are not easy, but I love them. I believe that the real thing is also as worthy of art as it’s artificial relative. I love  seeing all of the different ways that cherry can be blended and aged. I will be releasing a new limited edition cherry perfume soon in time to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.
Cherries in perfume by Arnett Farms @arnettfarms , cherries in video organically grown in Aotearoa and purchased at @erewhon Bracelet by @bobbie_vandervlugt filmed by @cynthias.kingdom 
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