Living Natural Perfume


Nearly all fragrances on the market are made with synthetic materials primarily created with the use of petrochemicals. Imagine only ever having consumed cherry flavored candy and one day eating an actual cherry. It would not be as “loud” a flavor as the chemical version, but soon you would discover layers and dimensions to what you once thought the flavor cherry meant.

A natural jasmine or rose has complexities and ways of unfolding that simply can not be replicated. Like wine grapes, natural botanicals vary by season, terroir, and extraction methods.

This is why we release our perfumes in seasonal editions: no two seasons of jasmine or redwood are exactly alike.

Additionally the use of natural ingredients helps connect us to our ancestral memories that may otherwise lay dormant. An ingredient like oud is cited in nearly every major spiritual text from the beginning of written human history for its transcendent qualities. Smelling the real thing helps connect us to those who came before us and hopefully reminds us of that nature still has magic in it. The act of putting on a natural perfume should be an act of reconnecting with yourself, with the wilderness that is quickly disappearing, and with your own spirit.