Living Natural Perfume


Nearly all fragrances on the market are made with synthetic materials primarily created with the use of petrochemicals. Imagine only ever having consumed cherry flavored candy and one day eating an actual cherry. It would not be as “loud” a flavor as the chemical version, but soon you would discover layers and dimensions to what you once thought the flavor cherry meant.

A natural jasmine or rose has complexities and ways of unfolding that simply can not be replicated. Like wine grapes, natural botanicals vary by season, terroir, and extraction methods.

This is why we release our perfumes in seasonal editions: no two seasons of jasmine or redwood are exactly alike.

Additionally the use of natural ingredients helps connect us to our ancestral memories that may otherwise lay dormant. An ingredient like oud is cited in nearly every major spiritual text from the beginning of written human history for its transcendent qualities. Smelling the real thing helps connect us to those who came before us and hopefully reminds us of that nature still has magic in it. The act of putting on a natural perfume should be an act of reconnecting with yourself, with the wilderness that is quickly disappearing, and with your own spirit.

What is LIVING Perfume (Patent Pending)?

Living Perfume, is perfume that like the best wines in the world, is in fact alive from a microbiology standpoint (or from the perspective of biochemistry) It is made with whole ingredients and created around a "phenolic matrix" or perfume wine (Patent Pending) that allows it to evolve over time and releases its aromatics in a manner more similar to wine than a synthetic perfume. Using real ingredients makes a difference in the overall vibration of the perfume, as measured in MhZ.  A petrochemical (synthetic perfume molecule) vibrates at around 1 or 2 hZ, rose oil vibrates at at least 320 MhZ (yes the difference is a jump in hundred millions) and tropical fruits like guava vibrate at an even higher frequency. So Living Perfume is the highest frequency of perfume so that the wearer can enjoy more than just the aesthetic impression of fruits, flowers and woods, they can actually shift their frequency and energetic body. We believe that perfume and aromatic plants should be a source of transformation, upliftment and plant medicine. 

We do not use isolates or fragmented ingredients as we believe in the potential for whole ingredients- similar to what one may experience in food and wine pairing. Additionally, fragmented/ isolated materials do not vibrate at the same frequency or participate in aromatherapy benefits in the same manner.  Up to 90% off what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Whole ingredients impact the body in a dramatically different manner than fractionated ingredients  (this is a norm in other industries, in particular we see this in food). In other words a fractionated ingredient made from a petrochemical may act as an irritant, however when it is still part of the plant whole (with gentle extraction methods) the organic chemistry structure from nature makes it easier for the body to process so that it isn't adding to ones overall toxin load and can be of benefit.  
Finally as I look at perfume through the lens of biochemistry (made possible by living perfume, fermentation, etc) and use wine sciences to understand the final make up of an ever evolving perfume “wine”, I’m starting to see ways in which the ecology or micro biome of the perfume itself is making it easier for those with chemical sensitivities to handle. As more and more people struggle with sensitivities and environmental illness every year I think it’s more important than ever to look at health, wellness and cosmetic safety from a new vantage point as the old one is plainly broken. As we all have different bodies and responses I always recommend trying on your skin to see what is best for you and your body.