Ingredient Selection:

We use organic and regenerative practices whenever possible, however not every small distiller has organic certification. All distillations or extractions that are not made in house are small production artisan oils, chosen with great care. We do not use fractionated materials, our focus is on the high aromatic and energetic properties of each ingredient. 90% of what is applied to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream (according to many, but specifically American Dermatologists Association) and then processed by the body. We try to consider this whenever selecting ingredients and treat perfume as though it were a food as much as possible. While the safety of materials (such as new "clean" or "natural" aromachemicals) may change year by year in terms of what is declared safe, we are relying on practices and materials that people have been using for over a thousand years. We will never use an additive like a "projector" as it is not food or wine compatible, but also because these are some of the most challenging materials used in fragrance for ones health. We believe perfume should emanate naturally and beautifully from one’s skin, not shout.

Why whole ingredients?

Similar to the whole foods movement, we believe that things in their complete natural state are balanced and impact the body in a different manner than things that are highly fractionated and processed. The wonderful example of heirloom wheat impacting the body without the same inflammatory response as the new hybridized wheat is a great example of how things in their whole unprocessed state are easier and more compatible for our bodies. For those of us who have had serious health issues or chronic illness, navigating ones own health choices can be a challenge. For that reason, I will be sharing a list here of all ingredients in the perfume that is on sale on this site currently. As I don't identify each individual perfume, please contact us if you have any specific questions in regards to your own allergies or health specifications.

Fruit- All fruit is farmed regeneratively, and then transformed into perfume using a combination of low intervention principals (including wine making techniques). The methodology for this living perfume has been registered with the USTPO

Base Alcohol- Always Organic and Food Grade- We Use Passionfruit, Lychee, Coconut, Grape and will never use denatured alcohol

Aging Vessels- Glass, Slovenian Oak Barrel, Red Clay Amphora (Never aluminum nor are any of our ingredients aged using aluminum and or plastic or bpa or silicone coated bottles)

Full List of Ingredients:

Frog Hollow Farm Cali Red, Autumn Flame, Yellow Peaches, Cherries (5 Kinds), Pakistani Mulberries, Harries Berries Strawberries, wild blackberries, raspberries, Sunrise Organic Farms Frederick and Red Rover Passionfruit and Yellow Lilikoi, Guanabana, Pineapple, Tahitian Custard Fruit, Pink Pineapple, Ataulfo Mangoes, Champagne Mango, Pink Guava, Green Guava, Pineapple Guava, Yellow, Red and Green Mandarin, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorn, Vintage Lemongrass, Ambergris, Orris, Redwood Ingredients (not from cutting down of tree), barks, wood layers, resins and smoked redwood resins, Tahitian Vanilla, Indian Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla, Frangipani, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine Ariculatum, Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Golden Champaca, Red Champaca, Pink Champaca, Blue Lotus (Several Kinds), Tiare Absolute, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Tamil Nadu Sandalwood, Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, Mitti Attar, Oud Resins and Oils from: Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Choya Nak, Choya Ral, Vetiver/ Ruh Khus (More than a dozen varieties), Aged Patchouli, Aged and New Labdanum, Benzoin, Dragon's Blood (Sangre De Grado), Cabrueva (Incensio Rojo), Galbanum, Guava Leaf, (Light) Clove and Nutmeg, Coffee, Tobacco (Angels Share only), Vintage Rhum, Vintage Whiskey, wild heliotope, salt heliotrope, Coastal Sage Brush, Aged Cognac, Pink Jasmine, Star Jasmine, White, Yellow, Pink, Red and Ta'if Roses, Aged Cistus, Hinoki, Sugi, Red Cedar, Cypress, Papyrus, Alligator Juniper, Guizhou Teas (Six kinds), Black and Oolong Teas (Seven Kinds),Bergamot, Bushmans Candle, Osmanthus, Frankincense, Myrrh, Blackberries, Copal, magnolia, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Saffron, Redwood needles, Redwood Cones, White Alba Truffles, Anise, Ginger Lily, a splash of Barolo and love.

Both legally (it is allowed)  and as a practice, most companies claiming transparency don't acknowledge ingredients under a certain concentration. This would allow someone to call a perfume "free" of something that it has within its formula. We disagree with this practice. There are no secret additives or  aromachemicals that aren't on this list. We believe that even small concentrations can contribute to ones overall toxin load and want people to be able to make their own honest health decision for themselves and what they put on their bodies. (**That includes sharing the fact that actual cigar tobacco is used in the perfume Angels Share)