Bring Back Real Fruit

We have passed the tipping point where the artificial in the normal. Why does that matter? Because our noses and palates are becoming so blown out that it’s blinding us to simple natural beauties. Like a passionfruit or a peach. Why shouldn’t we just eat the processed food or constantly surround ourselves with artificial smells? (And no disrespect to the gifted artists who make some of those smells) Because it’s changing our base line of normal and leaving out the natural world (cherries, wine, truffles, or the ability to smell the flowers clearly in your neighborhood). From a wine pairing perspective, we are nose blind and often taste blind. The artificial overshadows the delicate nuances of white truffles or just ripe picked guava. The reason artificial fragrance is banned from wine tastings is because it fundamentally blocks out a huge portion of your ability to smell the wine. Why is this important? Because when we put the focus on real food or real smells the quality needed begins with the SOIL and with a FARMER. The more we turn to regenerative farming over factory made the more we save our planet and our souls a little bit at a time. It’s easy to ignore the importance of land management, our relationship to the earth, and to actual real fresh food when so much of what we experience is highly processed, artificial or kind of plastic. With the rise of fast food and fast smells came a huge distancing of the role that farming plays in our lives. We could look away when the crop dusters were circling the fields, because so many of us weren’t working in the fields and the rise of tv dinners allowed us to walk away from quality. As someone who grew up surrounded by potato fields and knows the smell of a crop duster and it’s pesticides all too well, I know how much pesticides and mono cropping are harming real people. And beyond that, this shift in our consciousness, toward McDonalds types of production across industries has skewed our sense of normal. After all, the best “perfume counter” I’ve ever been to was the farmers market.

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